Clubshares are certificates of shares which are in essence a stock certificate. It’s a certificate of proprietary ownership of the club’s land, assets, etc.

No, ownership does not automatically mean membership. It means that a clubshare owner will still have to apply for membership in order to use or enjoy the club’s facilities.

Every club has its own classification of shares, these are A, B, C and D. Most of the clubs has this kind of classification of shares, A for Filipino individuals, B for foreigner and Filipino Individuals, C for Corporate and D for shares with lot. Other club classifications are individual and corporate and some are just classified as common share.

Individual classifications means that the share will be named under the persons name regardless of nationality, while corporate means the share will be named under the corporation. For common shares this share can be named either under the individual or corporation.

Most clubs that have classification of C share are only allowing two representatives from a company. But a few clubs corporate share can be assigned from three to five nominees.

After submitting the application requirements, there are screening and acceptance procedures being performed by the club. The general processes basically are, screening, posting, interviewing and the final step is the club’s approval.

One of the major benefits of being a member of a particular club, is that you and your immediate family which is your spouse and children can also enjoy the club facilities for free or at member’s rate. Second, the member can bring guest but limited to how many the club allow you to bring.

Playing rights is the renting of share to be used in applying for membership. An interested individual or corporation can avail of this for a specific period time, usually a minimum of one year, or longer depending on the agreement between the lessor and the lessee.

When it comes to the usage of facilities you and your immediate dependents, (wife and children) can use the clubs facilities just like a proprietary member.

These are rental fee, broker’s fee and club charges. The rental fee and broker’s fee are being paid annually, which includes some of the fees being charge by the club such as annual assessment fee and renewal fee.
NOTE: That each club has its own set of fees. Others require membership fee, advance dues and deposit which is refundable at the end of the contract.

It usually takes a month, to about of three months depending on the club’s policies and procedures.

Most of the clubs are private, so guest must be sponsored and accompanied by a member. Or authorization letter issue by the member so that his friends can use the clubs facilities unaccompanied by the member.