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G&W Clubshares, Inc. is the leader and the largest in clubshare trading in the country.

Incorporated in February 2001, G&W Clubshares was approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission as a licensed Broker/Dealer of Securities in the same month, under Certification No. A20001597.

Golf has a long history and it has been in the Philippines for over a century, but golf and country clubs only gained tremendous popularity and growth in the country in the early 90′s resulting to a large number of international-standard golf courses built overnight alongside country clubs, that complemented high-end residential developments and resorts. Initial shares and memberships were sold by the developers directly to investors and would-be members. But as the industry matured, more and more shares were traded in the secondary (pre-owned) market. Trading of shares is a tedious and delicate process requiring the expertise of a reliable broker. Very few brokers measured up to the client’s expectations. This challenge, which presented itself as an opportunity to the founders, gave birth to G&W Clubshares, Inc.

The start up of the company was not in the best of times as the economy, the real estate and the leisure industry were in a slump. But we know that the real test of survival and excellence is during the worst of times. Over the years, G&W Clubshares has developed extensive network with major players in the industry — the clubs, developers, brokers and traders, club shareholders, the leisure industry, and most of all the satisfied clientele. With focus on excellent service, it wasn’t long before the company became widely known and has become the preferred clubshare broker.

To date, G&W Clubshares is the largest organization focused on trading of club shares, with the most number of clubshare consultants complemented by a team of highly skilled support staff.

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The company’s leadership is not an accident but a result of its deliberate specialization in club shares, creating expertise through a focused business, and mustering all of its resources towards the attainment of its vision.

Our Vision

To be the ONLY TRADER of Philippine golf and country club shares in Asia.

Our Mission

Investment in club shares is a major decision. Therefore, trust in the broker’s competence and integrity is paramount. In this very important transaction, G&W Clubshares aims to be the broker-of-choice by our clients.

We will boost our client’s trust by giving him the best value for his money, by providing a wide array of choices, latest club information and prevailing market conditions, and the best advice to protect his interest.

Being a customer-focused organization, we will provide prompt, complete and reliable service to make the entire experience easy and fun for our clients.


We commit to provide service that exceed customer expectations in order to deliver unparalleled customer experience.


To build an organization that empowers their employees to reach their full potentials by providing a stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth.


We commit to live by the values of excellence, respect, and compassion within the organization and its clients.

Our Business Philosophy

We exist to serve the clients
We commit and deliver
We always strive to be the best

The Officers

President Ms. Zorabell “Sarah” S. Medina

Treasurer/ Secretary Mr. Alberto Q. Villanueva

Trading Manager Ms. Emelie C. Balahadia

Administrative Manager  Ms. Lorrylyn K. Almira

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